(Rosania Soares Fernandes Primo)

She was born in Bahia and she loves this state, Rose Fernandes was born in Urandi on  May 23rd, 1972,she is married and mother. At five years she has already shown a strong tendency for art, expressed great interest and passion for drawing and the colors, the legacy handed down by her parents, her father was a musician, Cosme Fernandes   and her mother a poet, Silene Soares Fernandes. In 1986, in her early teens, she moved to Guanambi, where she lives with her family.

The family is a constant part Rose Fernandes` life and art, it is influence and support for her. With lots of enthusiasm and artistic work, she is self-taught and she develops her  potential in the arts, with her own style and a variation in style and theme that goes beyond  from realism to abstract, using a variety of techniques such as oil, acrylic, pastel and crayon. But it is the realism, especially in the representation of light and shadows that Rose`s work stands out and has its great advantage. Her paintings are lively and light reminiscent of the Impressionists, and the passion is demonstrated when she talks about her work.

Flowers, fruits, animals and people, is with the show of the life of living beings that we find the strength of her work, the colors, the paint is oil or acrylic are faithful to the reality, the same observed by her so she  walk  by nature to admire and then portray the natural beauty of everyday life, painting outdoors and in studio. Her  tours to the zoo  seem to show us photographed without any color filter, it is the color accuracy with the correct light, always natural.

Rose Fernandes is self-taught and only attended workshops by the Fundação Cultural da Bahia. However she has taught in drawing and painting courses. She is so inspired by the fauna and flora of familiar landscapes and human figure that she draws with perfection, that is added the support of her family and the result is a perfect technique and work with good feelings.

Rose Fernandes had her work admired in collective and individual exhibitions in the states of Bahia and Sao Paulo, including conference at  MASP. She has exhibited in abroad, in Mexico, the United States , Canada, Germany and Carroucel du Louvre- Paris - France. She has several works in private collections in Brazil and in other countries. 

Her  works are already cataloged in several books and annuals, such as the Anuário Arte&Artistas (2003), Anuário Brasileiro de Artes Plásticas (2004 e 2005), Art Gallery in Brazil (2010 e 2011). Book 1º Exibition of Arts Figueiredo(2011) Catalog SNBA (2011)Through these publications, Rose Fernandes participated in several other national and international magazines.


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